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When a collie needs to be rehomed, we are here to help. We understand this can be a difficult and emotional decision, and we hope to provide reassurance and support. Cascade Collie Rescue (CCR) provides rehoming assistance throughout Oregon and surrounding areas. Read on for details on our rehoming process.


Our process begins by gathering as much information as possible about the dog’s history, personality, and care needs. We then create a detailed adoption profile, which is shared on our website and social media channels, and direct potential adopters to complete our adoption application. We review recent applications on file and new applications as they are received, and follow up with potential matches to help find the best possible fit for each individual dog. Once we have narrowed down the options, we will arrange in-person meetings and a home visit by one of our CCR representatives.


CCR offers two options for people needing assistance with rehoming their collies: 1) direct placement or 2) foster care.


Direct placement is appropriate for owners who are able to continue caring for their collie(s) until a suitable new home is found. In a direct placement, CCR will promote the available dog(s) and screen applications, and will place potential matches in touch with the dog’s current owner. The current owner selects the new home for their collie, but CCR can assist with advice, home visits, and transportation if needed.


Foster care is appropriate in situations where the current owner is not able to continue caring for the collie(s) until a new home is found. When foster care is requested, the owner will relinquish the dog to CCR for care and placement. An approved CCR foster home will care for the dog for as long as it takes to find a new home, and CCR will cover the costs of care, including veterinary treatment. CCR will select the dog’s new home but will keep the original owner updated throughout the process if desired. 


Note: CCR is a small organization, and foster homes may not always be available immediately. In these situations, we can still provide rehoming support via the direct placement option and can recommend other trusted resources.


Regardless of which option is preferred, the process begins by completing our Collie History and Personality Profile below. After the profile is received, a CCR representative will respond to get any additional information needed, and we will begin working to find the best possible match.

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