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We may not always have adoptable collies available. However, if you’re interested in adopting a collie when one is available, please fill out an adoption application here.

Meet this playful pup, Isla!

Isla is located in Portland, Oregon. Isla is not in foster care with CCR; she is with her original owner and the goal is to place her directly from her current home. Isla’s owner adores her but is faced with changing health circumstances, and has made the difficult decision to rehome her. We are partnering with Isla’s owner to help find the perfect home for her.

Summary of Isla’s best match:

Exercise/training needs: Medium

Kids: No kids

Dogs: Good with other dogs

Cats/other small pets: No

Livestock: unknown

Read on for more information about Isla!

Isla recently celebrated her first birthday on September 9th! Despite her young age, she doesn’t require a large amount of exercise. A playdate with a doggie friend here and there or a walk full of sniffs will fill her exercise quota (did you know that letting a dog sniff on walks fulfills their exercise needs better than focusing on walking by your side the entire time?!). If an adventure requires driving to, she would prefer not to travel too far due to a history of experiencing carsickness. It has mostly been resolved at this point but is worth being aware of. 

Isla doesn’t require a crate when left home alone, and although she can be successfully left alone for a few hours, she would prefer to spend that time with you! Collies are an intelligent and handler-focused breed, and Isla certainly fits that bill. She will impress you with her ability to learn things quickly and will make you smile with the love she has to give.

With adolescence comes work; Isla’s challenges come down to experiencing sudden environmental change (typical of a herding breed at this age). Children have been the largest obstacle so far, after all, they are unpredictable and move erratically! 

Although Isla isn’t a fan of human children or cats, she loves other dogs! She would love another playful dog in the household, or playdates with dog friends in a backyard space or local Sniffspot (private outdoor spaces that can be rented by the hour as a safer and more controlled alternative to dog parks).

Overall, Isla will thrive in a household in which her humans look forward to creating a lifetime of memories with her.


If you think you might be the right match for her, please complete an adoption application here. If you have submitted an application within this calendar year, you do not need to submit another. We will review applications and follow up with those who may be the right fit. We generally do not place our collies outside of Oregon/Washington, although occasional exceptions may be made for an ideal match. Potential adopters must agree to a home visit in order to be considered.

We are taking adoption applications for Atom, a young male smooth collie. It is rare for us to get young smooth collies in rescue! He is about 16 months old, in peak adolescence, and is ready to settle into homes where he will receive the training and physical and mental stimulation he will need to be an awesome adult.

Atom has been through some stressful times recently. When he first arrived at our rescue, he was showing some fear and anxiety, but he has shown to be resilient.

He is currently in foster care north of Seattle. Potential adopters need to complete an adoption application here. We will follow up with applicants that may be a good match. If you have completed an application within this calendar year, you do not need to complete another one.

All dogs will be current on vaccines, heartworm tested, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. The adoption fee is $500.

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