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We may not always have adoptable collies available. However, if you’re interested in adopting a collie when one is available, please fill out an adoption application here.

Cricket & Oliver - CCR.png

Oliver is a 3 year old neutered male sable rough collie

Cricket is a 3 year old spayed female tricolor rough collie


They are not related but have lived together all their lives and are a bonded pair, and they must be adopted together. They are loving toward each other and their family. They love kisses and petting and, of course, treats!

Summary of Cricket & Oliver's best match:

Exercise/training needs: Medium

Kids: currently living with a baby, have not had much exposure to young children. Friendly with older kids (10+) and teenagers.

Dogs: playful and social; currently living with two golden retrievers; have had dog friends of various breeds

Cats/other small pets: have lived with cats and are playful and interested; good with dog-savvy cats but will probably chase at first. History of killing chickens when unsupervised and fencing was not secure.

Livestock: unknown

Cars: They both enjoy car rides but will chase and bark at cars going by.

Cricket and Ollie were purchased as puppies and have lived with one family their whole lives. They are being rehomed due to some drastic changes in their family’s housing situation. They lived most of their lives on a large property and have struggled to adapt to living in a smaller rental home in a neighborhood with lots of visual and auditory stimuli. Their ideal home is a rural environment with lots of room to run and play, but they also need to live indoors as part of the family. They enjoy keeping each other company and love to cuddle with their humans.  

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Cricket is very smart and higher energy - a typical “spicy tri” female! Ollie is more laid back. Both of them have a strong chase drive, typical of herding breeds. Ollie and Cricket are still young dogs and may occasionally chew on inappropriate things like socks or get into the trash if it isn’t secured. Cricket is an adept counter-surfer so her people will need to be careful not to leave tempting things within her reach. Their new family should provide lots of toys and appropriate chew items.


They are located in Spokane, WA. They are not in foster care with CCR; they are with their original owner and the goal is to place them directly from their current home. If you think you may be a good match for them, please complete an adoption application at If you have submitted an application within this calendar year, you do not need to submit another. We will review applications and follow up with those who may be the right fit. We generally do not place our collies outside of Oregon/Washington, although occasional exceptions may be made for an ideal match. Potential adopters must agree to a home visit in order to be considered.

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